Future has been invented to be changed.

Paolo Coehlo

We pool skills, intelligence, sensibilities, and values to turn ideas into action. In a human-centered perspective, by integrating the possibilities offered by science and technology, we operate within three families of initiatives:

IFDaD – International Forum on Digital and Democracy

Information and Training

Why a forum on digital and democracy?

Internet was supposed to be a catalyst for democratic values enabling extensive civic participation, but today there is less confidence that the spread of digital technologies enhances the quality of our institutions, rather the contrary. Nor are we convinced of its neutrality.

Majority Judgment

Governance and Participation

A good electoral method must not only give a real picture of collective preference, but should also not be easily manipulated, not influenced by possible entanglements and preserved from manoeuvring clientelism.

Nice stories of those #iorestoacasa

Information and Training

With the rise of the Covid-19 health emergency, we launched a blog to collect the stories of the army of ‘silent’ fighters who have seen their routines disrupted: work, school and university, leisure time, travel, family relationships and socializing: nothing like before.


Information and Training

Set up almost by chance at the beginning of the 2020 lockdown Dialoghi Copernicani were driven by the intention to understand more and better this exceptional period; therefore we asked epidemiologists, infectious diseases specialists and virologists to exchange their views on the pandemic. Meanwhile Dialoghi Copernicani have become a recurring appointment with personalities from the Italian and foreign economic, tech and scientific worlds.

During the first year we totalized 28 encounters.


Governance and Participation

The website inps.g0v.it, allows anyone to discover in an interactive and easy way how the welfare budget (INPS) is organized. The project, developed thanks to the collaboration between the INPS and Associazione Copernicani within the civic hacking initiatives supported by the association, was realized with the contribution of few innovative startups under the coordination of two Copernicani members: Enrico Fagnoni and Luca Mearelli.


Governance and Participation

As reported by Italian press, the Copernicani NPO supports the non-for-profit efforts of a wide group of international volunteers to develop technologies helping and supporting practitioners in their fight against COVID-19.

Volunteers are private individuals, professionals, students and people connected or belonging to supporting institutions and private companies who joined pro bono the endeavour.


Governance and Participation

Budget.g0v.it is an innovative application to interactively visualize the Italian National Budget. The initiative follows a project carried out by the online community g0v.tw , which has been promoting an active citizen participation in politics in Taiwan since 2012, with the backing of the Taiwanese Minister for Digital Affairs Audrey Tang, a globally acknowledged digital activist.

The White Paper on Political and digital participation

Governance and Participation

The document in which the Copernicans offer their proposals for a broader participatory democracy close to the citizens.