Copernicani. In love with the future.

We are an independent, cross-party advocacy group working on innovation issues.  Established as a non-profit association in 2018 with the first digital notarial deed in Italy, the Copernicani aim to play a pivotal role in bringing Italy to “think digital”, in society, politics, the economy and culture.

A network of brains of different backgrounds, experiences and generations, united by a positive vision of the future that overcomes the regret of an idealized past and driven by the conviction that science and technology are challenges that, if neglected, turn into problems. Our slogan is “In love with the future” because we are convinced that the future is there to be improved.

We have decided to work for Italy’s present and future, by proposing strong and credible alternative ideas to promote a knowledge society (as opposed to an improvisation society), through participation in defining actions with young people and the future as drivers.

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The contents, recommendations and policy proposals we develop are public and accessible to all, as well as the tools and projects in the fields of training and information.

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